Squeeze it in!!!

After church service we came home and had a great big brunch. The gang happens to be swimming now with their Dad and two cousins visiting (and my brother). My In-Laws are coming by in a while to visit and reiterate our routine in the home; I know they know already, it makes me feel more secure before we leave on our trip.

The packing is just about done and it is super squeezed in and I just have to laugh at how little I am taking (unlike me who always over-packs!).

I am hoping you are having a happy Sunday. In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. See YOU!

The lovely piece of driftwood…

I did take my sunset walk on the beach last evening and stumbled upon this fairly large piece of driftwood?! What to do with it I wanted to keep it so I turned around and brought it home. All you have to do is douse it with distilled vinegar and water and it cleans up beautifully. I have several pieces I have found on the beach and used it for outside decoration in my gardens or screened-in room of herbs and houseplants. 

To share with you about the birthday party and surprised out of state company (visiting all week) with us. It’s a college friend and his family visiting, they live in S.C. My husband was so surprised to see him it made me laughed so hard. They went golfing yesterday early afternoon and came back sunburned because they forgot the sunscreen. How many times I have reminded him?! His forearms and legs from knees to top of socks are red baby! At least they both had the good sense to wear visors or hats. Lots of swimming, grilling, food, big birthday cake. Everyone had a great time. He (My husband) is actually taking a few days off from work the guys are going fishing-deep sea! My Dad and FIL are joining them. They’re leaving late tonight so I am fixing food stuffs for them. It is a bit overcast out today and everyone is tired. So a lazy Sunday (except for me!). Someone  has to cook!!!

I hope you are having a good Sunday! In closing I wish you Good Health Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. See YOU!

The Sequel Part VI

As we traveled around this beautiful Sunshine State together and you have learn some new things about it and also about me! I’m going to wrap this up with you! After many years of renovating and multiple additions to our home (more than ten years worth) we have it exactly as we love and enjoy it each and every day. As the family grew in size so did the home! Working around piles of lumber, wallboard, trim, studs, commodes, tubs, tile, hardwood flooring, dust, you name it; I’ve crawled through it and watched it transform to a beautiful, comfortable home. Blessed indeed!

The panhandle of Florida, Panama City, to Pensacola, and the very beautiful Destin Beach, Florida one of the loveliest beaches, beautiful white, white sand and calming waters a very family friendly town. 

Florida does have country, horse stables and farms. Wonderful strawberry patches, tomatoes, watermelon. Touring Orange Groves is fun. Hayrides, pumpkins, old barns, bridges, railroad trusses, old towns, lots of historical sites to visit throughout the State. Like anywhere you reside in this world there is beauty, history, one of the greatest things of all is the freedoms we as Americans have! I would never live anywhere else. My personal life is fulfilled and couldn’t wish for anymore. I love having company visit and entertaining is great joy of mine. Living each day in my “paradise” is like a dream of which I never take for granted. To quote my Father-“Cheryl, you can have anything in this life you desire, as long as you work for it”, wise words…Daddy I love you!  To the rest of my immediate family you are the very reason I wake up everyday and carry on.

Life is very good! In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. See YOU! New recipes posted on TK for you, hope you’ll enjoy!

The Sequels are dedicated to my BFF Tina Romano-Burchfield. XOXOXO

The Sequel Part V for YOU!

I Thank you all for your kind comments and readings of the prior parts of the Sequel. Let’s continue on our journey together in the Central Florida-Orlando area and Theme Parks Haven. If you have not yet been to Florida’s Disney World and the Magic Kingdom oh my it is so magical (at any age!!!). It is well orchestrated to accommodate families and large groups of people. Christmastime is especially beautiful with a parade, large lit Christmas Trees a “child’s paradise” for sure. I am a big kid when it comes to that! Sea World, Wet ‘N Wild, Epcot, MGM Studios, Universal Studios. I-Drive (International Drive) as it is fondly referred to is a mecca of Hotels/Motels eateries, etc. If you want something Orlando Center City, Orlando-Metro West, Theme Parks, I know you’ll find it there. The OIA (Orlando International Airport) is beautiful and welcoming and easy to navigate. All rental car agencies have competitive pricing, with unlimited miles (they want you to experience as much of Florida as you can). There are discounts at every Attraction (just check with Chamber of Commerce Orlando, AAA discounts, AARP for our seniors). The major road system east-west is I-4 it can become congested at times. It will link you over to the East to the Beaches as well as the best road system to the attractions if driving yourself. I still to this day have a blanket my parents bought me when I visited Disney the very first time. I was six (Mom believes you should be older to enjoy the attractions as opposed to infants and toddlers, to each their own). The blanket has been washed so many times it is almost thread worn. It hides in my Master Bedroom Closet and is one of my most treasured items from childhood. SSSSH don’t tell anyone, ya hear!!!

In closing  I wish you Good Health. Cheryl ” Cheffie Cooks Wiser. Many new recipes posted on TK for you, hope you’ll enjoy! To be continued. See YOU!



Part IV of the Sequel for YOU…

Let’s move over to the West Coast of Florida; very popular with the New Englanders. I have had the pleasure of spending time in Sarasota (Ringling Bros.-John Ringling really was key to the development of Sarasota County 1826, very early on). Bradenton, Fl. There is the beautiful Gulf of Mexico (yes it is salt water) sandy white beaches. Lido Beach, Venice, Fl. Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Tampa (and Tampa Bay), each in a different County each bordering the Gulf of Mexico. How does that differ from the Atlantic Ocean? The Gulf water is very warm (almost like a hot bath) you can swim without raging waves crashing against you-Ha! There is no driving allowed on these beaches! Inland from the Gulf but still west are lakes to enjoy. Throughout Florida there are Natural Springs and State Parks. The Natural Springs are beautiful with large Cypress trees and the infamous Spanish Moss hanging from them. Palm Trees are all through the State. Magnolia Trees, indigenous flowers of beautiful colors. The Florida lifestyle aside from the obvious swimming poolside, Gulf of Mexico or Atlantic Ocean, boating is super popular as well as Golf. We ourselves have a lovely Cabin Cruiser Seacraft and often through the year head out into the Intracoastal waterway and down to the U.S. Virgin Islands. There are Marinas all along both coasts. In the Florida lifestyle it is very laid back; the idea is to relax and enjoy all that is offered. Making the Sunshine State popular for retirement.

During College (my Sophomore Year) I met my Husband then a Senior. Although not totally smitten he was a great looking funny guy, super out-going and popular. Through his last year we dated on and off. I was more interested in obtaining my degree I think, he was a distraction. He continued to pursue me driving up on weekends. I had a small one bedroom apartment (no room mates) and was content. I studied summer semesters also and would as often as I could drive home to see my family or they would drive up to see me. Again, he was kinda a distraction. Now according to him he knew I was the one he was going to marry (as told to me by my Mother-in-Law). Well…he certainly had to work hard on that one as well as work hard starting his own business. I am not sure when the light bulb went off for me but it did! We got engaged my Senior year and married one month before my graduation at my Church and the reception was held at my parents beachside home. Our honeymoon was short and sweet in Italy. Meanwhile back home we all were house hunting and with the help of my Father found the home we still reside in on the Atlantic Ocean. About 30 minutes from my hometown.

In closing I wish you Good Health. (To be continued). Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. See YOU!


Part III The Sequel For YOU!

Traveling in and out of Florida became a regular thing for our family. We traveled outside of the United States as well as many States within the U.S. I cherish those memories and feel very fortunate to have been able to travel from an early age. Florida was always home and will always be and I was happy to return home to my “paradise”! Traveling further South from Miami if you are ever able to drive from Miami to Key West, Florida I encourage you to do so. The 7+ hour car trip is so beautiful as you pass several Islands (known as Keys) the waters are a brilliant blue and green, spectacular scenery also. Key West by far is not a thrifty place to visit but well worth the trip and expense when all is said and done. For a modest fee you can tour Ernest Hemingway’s Estate where he was inspired to write a few books. There is a small aquarium that the children love. Many shops and eateries. The beaches are actually built on coral reefs and coquina shells and is very different then the Coastal northern/southern Florida beaches. “Conch” is a large Seashell and they make a stew from the Conch meat simply named “Conch Stew”. The very first time I ate fried Gator Tail was in Key West. It is thinly sliced, breaded and fried served with a dipping sauce. I can not say it is my favorite (one- I do not care for fried foods and I found the Gator tail tough). Other people just love it. A must try just to say that you did! The Conch Stew was flavorful but I never made it at home and have not had the desire to. Other wonderful Seafood exists and many to choose from. There are Coconut Palms all over Key West. Snorkeling is a popular sport due in part to the beautiful sea life. So colorful and the fish swim right along side of you. Beautiful warm crystal clear waters. In the early evening everyone heads to Mallory Point (or also known as Mallory Square) to view the most majestic gorgeous sunsets in the entire State. There is entertainment (street performers) and vendors with arts, shells, paintings etc.  Visit the Southern most point in the Continental U.S. monument (no, it is not too large). Key West does have an International Airport. In Olde Town walk on Duval Street to see the shops and Restaurants in the evening, that’s always entertaining and interesting. 

In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. To be continued in the next Sequel. See YOU!

Part II The Sequel For YOU!

As the only girl in the family (and the youngest) I was always protected by my older Brother’s and Father. I always felt secure both at home at school and work. My Father was (and still is) a multiple business owner. As a young teen I worked at his Restaurant (as well as my Uncle’s Restaurant across town). Not all glory, I started in the kitchen peeling 50 pounds of potatoes! I to this day peel a potato extremely fast. I graduated up to hostess and then to the Restaurant Cashier. This is really where my love for foods began. Working alongside my Father. He ran a tight ship, noted for excellent food, cleanliness and long term employees. My Uncle (my Father’s Older Brother) had a very Famous Restaurant across town with a totally different cuisine. I enjoyed my time spent with him learning finer dining, excellent homemade soups, sauces, gravies, desserts. One day when I was 15 I asked my Father if I could apply for a job at an Ice Cream Place near the Movie Theater we all went too. He looked at me like I had three eyes and said why? I just wanted to dip ice cream cones I told him. He of course knew the owners (they were personal friends) I was hired to work one evening a week and Saturdays. Shortly into this venture one particular Saturday a group of my High School friends walked by on there way to the Movies. I called to them to stop in when the Movie was done; I wanted to treat them to double dipped Ice Cream Cones. Well…Well…Well…who do you suppose walked in during my double dipping cones for eight friends? Yep, you guessed it the owner. I assured him I was going to pay for them with my salary. He chuckled after my friends left and proceeded to tell me I did not earn enough to pay for them all. OOPS so I said well then you’ll need to pay me more per hour. With a look of shock he kindly said no that I was fired! He had already called my Father about it. Naturally Daddy paid the bill. When I got home my Mother was just laughing at what I had done. My Daddy was not amused. A short lived employment outside of family businesses. Back to the Restaurants I went.

During this time my family vacationed in so many areas of Florida. If you ever have a chance to visit St. Augustine, Florida (St. Augustine Beach-Villano Beach) do! It is America’s oldest town. The narrow cobblestone Streets filled with small shops and vendors. The Old Fort built in the 16th Century surrounded by the lovely St. John’s River is truly a spectacular Historical site as the history lives on there. Further south you’ll come to The World’s Most Famous Beach-DAYTONA! The birthplace of speed is in Ormond Beach with a museum (for the car buffs). The Daytona International Speedway is a landmark to Stock Car Racing. The novelty of driving your car on the beach! The hard-packed sand is special. I always remember it being that way, miles and miles of beach. Daytona is known over many years to host thousands of College spring break students. Motorcycle Bike Week (each March and a smaller one in October) and numerous events throughout the year. Speaking of towns for college students on spring break; the beautiful Fort Lauderdale is known for that as well. Both are family friendly beaches. Moving along further south you’ll come to Dade County-Miami/Dade Metro, South Beach, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne all diversified cultures and excellent food and entertainment. (In fact my parents met there-that’s another story for another time, HA!).

There is so much to do here in Florida and in the next Sequel we will continue. In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. See YOU!