The Sand Dollar

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Walking on the beach last night I found this lone sand dollar; they’re one of my favorite finds and rare to stumble upon. I always enjoy finding shells on the beach!

Today I’ll be doing freezer foods all day! What are your Mother’s Day plans, all you Mom’s out there??? We will be travelling to the Georgia Mountains and I will have a fun post for you before we leave Florida to travel there!

In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!

Mediterranean Cauliflower~Red bell Pepper~Tomato~Olive Cold Salad

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Mediterranean Cauliflower salad with Red Bell Peppers-Tomatoes-Green Olives-Lots of Fresh Herbs. Refreshing and easy to prepare! One Head Cauliflower cut florets and place in a large mixing bowl, a…

Source: Mediterranean Cauliflower~Red bell Pepper~Tomato~Olive Cold Salad

Flip or is it FLOP???

 Rocco-The beast!WIN_20160416_13_54_44_Pro (2)






You all may recall the Beast “Rocco” so yesterday I get a box from Dear Rocco with these new Flip Flops! How cool! I live in them year round…It was a gift for puppy sitting last weekend! Awww…

WIN_20160501_05_19_36_Pro (2)

WIN_20160501_05_25_48_Pro (2)So, is Rocco thinking he has plans for this one?

WIN_20160501_05_25_27_Pro (2)Or this one?

Will it be a bust or not? Flip or a FLOP?