Naughty Irma!

In the US and unless you’ve been living under a rock you know all about Irma-Wreaking havoc in Florida I-75 corridor northbound

inundated with jammed traffic, motels along the way at full occupancy, its a mess. As most hurricanes of Irma’s magnitude will

change directions several times. Not taking any hurricane seriously is a huge mistake-what price do you put on safety?

I read oh it’ll miss us we are in Tampa not south Florida (Miami), no miss us we are in Orlando-really? I dread to see this full impact in

the next few days with Jose on its heels.

Did we not just have a Hurricane Matthew in October, 2016? What is up? Sure, it is scary but then so are minus temps. and blizzards!

not too mention Houston, Louisiana.

Never take your safety for granted it can change in a minute.

My thoughts are with you all.



13 thoughts on “Naughty Irma!

  1. This is so true Cheryl! Stay safe xx

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  2. Really scary and brings bad memories from Sandy which devastated NY area a few years ago. Hopefully the damage will not be too big and people will be able to go home soon…

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  3. Where in Florida are you? Did you stay or evacuate?

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