Straight Up!

WIN_20160831_09_47_54_Pro (2)

Check Tyler’s tail straight up?! Caught him playing once again (daily) with his toy mouse (that is missing an ear now). He was just getting ready to bounce on it. LOL This kitty keeps me laughing!

See YOU!

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks’ Wiser.

Good Morning WP!

WIN_20160823_17_12_26_Pro (2)

I think we’ll be having some rain due in over the weekend-a storm is brewing way out in the Atlantic. We could definitely use some rain here. It has been too dry and so hot, hot, hot. Not me though-let it rain; I am dry and cool and comfy, Mom makes sure of it!!!

I will keep you posted on our Florida weather though, ok?! No need to worry this house is rock solid-lol.

Love, Tyler xo