Are you speaking too me???

win_20161122_12_48_04_pro-2MoM has been talking too me, you see I made a big MESS with my toys! Yes, I did. They are all over the spare room. I emptied my bucket of toys everywhere-Ha-Ha-Ha!

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

Love, Tyler xo

Broccoli ‘n Cheddar Gratin


Fabulous side dish any weeknight! One fresh head of broccoli (I use only the florets and freeze the stems). 2 cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese, one cup vegetable broth, one teaspoon garlic salt, pepper, to taste, one cup panko (or seasoned bread crumbs). Several tablespoons butter.

Blanch broccoli florets 3-4 minutes in boiling salted water. Drain, add into a baking dish, add vegetable broth, garlic, pepper, stir gently. In a bowl add shredded cheese and panko (or bread crumbs) mix well with clean hands, cover top of pre-cooked broccoli florets with mixture, add butter and bake @ 375 F 10-12 minutes.

So good Y’All. Enjoy!