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Hey-Hey-Hey M I C K E Y!

Orlando Espinosa

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated by over-thinking and over-analyze everything. Sometimes it’s important to just do and not think!

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It’s Right Around the Corner

The Winter New England Coastline – still breathtakingly beautiful!

Elizabeth Thomas Photography of Cape Cod

FN5A0535-3It’s right around the corner. Yes winter with all of its snow, ice and wind. Of course here in New England Nor’easters also barrage us. These storms pummel our coastline and are a threat to our beaches. The erosion caused by the wind and waves can be detrimental to Towns. After last winter our Town had to replenish some of the beaches by dredging and bringing in sand. The ocean was on the verge of breaking through a barrier beach that protects our town center. We were saved from this last year and can only hope the work holds for this winter season and its storms. Only time and Mother Nature will tell.FN5A0525FN5A0531FN5A0536FN5A0625FN5A0623

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Raindrops on Bamboo

Love Bamboo!!!

Dancing Echoes



raindrops on bamboo
shimmer in the sunlight
little diamonds

Dancing Echoes:

Breathy wind whistles through stand
Lilting melody takes wing

Raindrops on Cyprus


Dancing Echoes:

Raindrops on cyprus
Pearls of ancient wisdom
Grandma’s lace shawl

 If I may be so bold; I’ve had this photograph of a Cyprus tree after a rain storm in my collection or a few months now. I played around with a corresponding poem but never came up with anything solid. When I saw this Tan Renga challenge the photo came immediately to mind and inspired the haiku above. If anyone is so inclined to complete this Tan Renga I would be honored.

In response to CARPE DIEM HAIKU KAI: Carpe Diem Tan Renga Challenge #99 raindrops on bamboo

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Name That Tune – Sunday’s

Ah, sweet music I love the Oldies 70’s, 80’s, 90’s all genres. Get on those thinking caps for today’s lyrical challenge.

Ready, Set, GO!

My child was born just the other day…Who sang it?

(a) Al Stewart

(b) Jim Croce

(c) Harry Chapin*

(d) Cat Stevens

Let me know your answer. In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser. 

Answer is (c) Harry Chapin an American singer-songwriter from NYC -song 1974 “Cats in the Cradle” from his Album ‘Verities and Balderdash. In 1975 he won a Grammy for this No. 1 Hit song. His unfortunate and unexpected death on the LI Expressway in 1981 (auto accident) he was on his way to give a “Free Concert”, it is believed he suffered a heart attack at age 38. It was a tragic loss to many who enjoyed folk-rock songs of that era. Congrats to Suzanne – who knew the answer. Great job Suzanne!

See YOU!