Happy Tulips in a Jar

I think Jodi knows I LOVE Tulips! Beautiful work!!!

the creative life in between

Original Watercolor 9x12 matted to 11x14 impressionistic tulips in jar

This past weekend, I found a little time to splash in some paint, and I recreated an original watercolor of tulips in a jar.  Tulips lend so well to impressionistic, loose painting.  I adore tulips, and I adore painting this way.

I say “re-created,” because I recently sold a similar original painting in our Etsy Shop.

The funny thing was… when I painted it, I sort of liked it, but was hesitant to share it.  I had it tucked away for a few weeks.  Then last week, the little cash register dinged on my phone alerting me it had sold.  When I dug it out to ship, I looked at it again and really liked it.  I remembered how much fun I had painting it, and I longed to do it again.

So this is the latest version.  It is its own original.  The painting is 9×12, and I…

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Flip or is it FLOP???

 Rocco-The beast!WIN_20160416_13_54_44_Pro (2)






You all may recall the Beast “Rocco” so yesterday I get a box from Dear Rocco with these new Flip Flops! How cool! I live in them year round…It was a gift for puppy sitting last weekend! Awww…

WIN_20160501_05_19_36_Pro (2)

WIN_20160501_05_25_48_Pro (2)So, is Rocco thinking he has plans for this one?

WIN_20160501_05_25_27_Pro (2)Or this one?

Will it be a bust or not? Flip or a FLOP?