On The Run baby-GO IRMA!

Direction here, there and everywhere, coming up the Coast to visit Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee? Leaving a mess behind! Power outages, flooding, downed trees, rolled over vehicles, boats, planes, roofs. Oh my goodness.

Schools closed in many States (good idea!). We have no rain yet but it is bound to come overnight!

Florida I am thinking about you! Stay inside!

9 thoughts on “On The Run baby-GO IRMA!

  1. Glad you are safe bestie xoxo

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  2. Hunker-down, stay calm, and be safe! 👁👁

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  3. Thanks for thinking of us, darling, but it’s sort of hard to stay inside in Florida without power – very hot! Everything is slowly being restored, though, and we should be back to normal pretty soon.

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