In the Florida heat you can never have enough non-alcoholic beverages! Why, you might ask? Hydration!!! The children and elderly are most apt to dehydration in the extreme heat and humidity. I have created so many non-alcoholic beverages posted on my blogs; from Coolers, Fizzlers, Different Sweet Teas, Smoothies.

Every day in my household there are fresh beverages always available, cold and in the refrigerators. In fact you will rarely see me without a bottle (16.9 ounce) of cold purified water in my hand. Wherever you live in the summertime, I encourage you to drink plenty of fluids. In fact in general, I encourage you to drink H2O (water) every chance you get!

Dehydration occurs rapidly and will for sure send you to the Emergency Room! Don’t let that happen to you. As your summertime temperatures rise and humidity sets in, keep yourself in the A/C, in the shade with a cold beverage! 

I will close wishing you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

Note: Originally posted August, 2014.