The Drain Board…


Before remodeling took place kitty Tyler (Age 7 months) loved the drain board in the back kitchen. His fixation with it was so comical. Did not matter if it was full of pots and pans or one glass he’d snuggle his way into it. How many times I found him (just too many to count). I would re-wash anything he came in contact with but, most importantly he made me laugh so hard!


Caught in it again! Oh Tyler-really…

Everyone have a great, safe weekend! 

Love, Tyler xo

Scratch It!!!


I started Tyler with scratch pads (several) at a young age. Today, he uses them all the time. I will occasional add some catnip for him (he loves that). He is about 6 months old here (this is an old pic from an old cell phone). I always had a room set-up exclusively for him, his toys, blankets, etc. To me declawing a cat is cruel as it is a painful process and if by chance he were to ever get outside of the home he could not defend himself. So, scratch pads are the easy, economical answer to his need to sharpen his nails and save my home from destruction (including furniture). He has never damaged a thing! He is a very good boy kitty and I love him dearly.


Beautiful Day today!!! Hope your day was happy!

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!



My New Play Things…and TGIF!!!


Finding the right toy! Hummmm… its in here I know that…


Oh Hi MoM-Thanks for all my new toys you put into my toy bucket for me-Love U!!! I sure am a very lucky Kitty Boy!


Several hours later I found Tyler hidden under his blankets-exhausted from playing, see a few toys he had out-this cat is so much fun!

 Have a great day everyone.

Love Tyler, xo