“Name That Tune” Sundays

Do you love music, any genre? I love the Oldies 70’s, 80’s, 90’s it makes us happy, sad, lost in thoughts. Get on those thinking caps for today’s lyrical challenge (me too).

Ready Set GO! 

Treated me kind, sweet destiny, carried me through desperation…Who sang it?

(a) Paula Abdul

(b) Whitney Houston

(c) Toni Braxton

(d) Mariah Carey*

 Let me know your answer this beautiful Sunday! In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!

Answer is (d) Mariah Carey from her 1990 Album “Mariah Carey” song is Vision of Love. Congrats to Mark Bialczak.com (go check his blog out-great journalist Y’All and fun posts!) Yup-NY-girl Mariah is! Special mention to Robin EO Cochran she had help from Mark her friend too. Everyone wins today! Hooray my smart friends…


12 thoughts on ““Name That Tune” Sundays

  1. Looked it up … played it … oh yeah ! ! !
    I was still drunk in ’91, don’t remember much …
    Love, hugs and the Gulf was 89 yesterday …ME

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    • Gee sorry you had difficulties in the drinking arena back when??? The stuff does not agree with me so I never made a partier?! No one in the family drinks much alcohol, they have better stuff to do they tell me? I’m happy if you are happy and sober. Alcohol and substances will ruin a soul for sure.


  2. Oh I gotta love my Long Island woman Mariah Carey, Gatorette. ❤

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  3. Oh, I may have figured this out but good friend, Mark helped me out! 🙂
    Happy serene and peaceful Sunday, Cheryl. xo

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  4. had to look it up – never listened to Mariah Carey

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