The Beau Monde Boutique

Cheryl’s 6th web site Ya’ll! Woo Hoo !

The Beau Monde Boutique

Chapter One

Victoria was sitting on the window seat with her cup of coffee. She glanced momentarily out the opened window. There was a slight morning breeze which moved the curtain sheer ever so slightly. As her gaze met the silhouette of the adjacent townhomes, she wondered to herself would she ever find out the truth of her past? She snapped out of her reverie and glanced at the wall clock she had better hurry to catch the rail to her Boutique!

Victoria made the rail just in time for the few minute ride downtown, she felt rushed this morning more so than most mornings. She walked the one block to her Boutique, things certainly looked normal, too normal as she unlocked the front door. She placed her handbag and light jacket in her small but necessary office.

Victoria always arrived at work early there was a mountain of paperwork…

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“Name That Tune” Sundays

Music what a joyous, fun bit of entertainment for each of us whenever we need or want it! As you all know I love the Oldies 70’s, 80’s 90’s all genres. This one will make you think (me too), so if you are ready, set, GO!

Light in your head and dead on your feet, well another crazy day…

(a) Bob Dylan

(b) Gerry Rafferty*

(c) Rod Stewart

(d) David Bowie

Answer is B-Gerry Rafferty, a Scottish singer-songwriter from his City to City Album -1978. This particular Artist is SO underrated for his talents. This was one of his greatest hits “Baker Street” named after a Street sign in London. Go to You Tube and randomly pick a song of his, you’ll be impressed. The winner of this today is my good friend Mark of Syracuse NY he knows his music! Check out his fun blog, he is a journalist and very good at it I might add! Congrats Mark!

Who sang it? Let me know your answer. Enjoy this beautiful Sunday. In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!