The Beau Monde Boutique

Chapter Two-Fiction Novelette-“Beau Monde Boutique”, enjoy-Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The Beau Monde Boutique

Chapter TWO

Elsie left the Boutique while Victoria was on the telephone with Michael. Victoria felt a bit guilty being so abrupt with Michael. he said that he needed to see her and speak with her, so they made arrangements to get together on Sunday Afternoon. He asked to take her out to lunch at their favorite Country Inn. Victoria of course agreed but thought what is it now that he wanted? She closed the lights and locked the door to the Boutique. Within minutes the rail dropped her one block from her townhome. She waved to her neighbors, checked her mailbox, opened the door, kicked off her shoes and decided to take a long hot lavender bath to relax herself! The next morning would be busy tackling part of her shipment from the New York Vendors.

The next morning Victoria went into work early she went into her small but necessary office to start a…

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