A problem with Word Press Reader!

So myself and another (non food related Blogger) are communicating with the Public Forum to which no one knows why since last week the Reader does not post our photo’s? Hum…really. For those of you who actually pay for a .com site (unlike me who won’t I do not really see an advantage there). But, then I am not into statistics. However, what is right is right, and when the problem is with WP I feel they should bend backwards, forwards to resolve the issue. Wouldn’t you agree? So the problem is simply the photo will not go into the reader with content text. Up to last week this was NEVER an issue.

My friends have expressed concern too that they were not showing up in the reader at all. Now then why is that and they were in fact .com sites?!

 I can manually enter their sites to view that isn’t the issue. What is in my humble opinion is total inconsistency on the part of WP without regard to resolving the issues…Makes me wonder…How about you?

If you do not see a photo in the reader from any of my 9 websites, just click visit and the photo and content will appear on the site.

See YOU! Keep smiling…