For YOU!

As the summer is whining down to a degree, wonder what August will bring

School in session soon we will turn back clocks, a time for a change of seasons for many

The pool still needs cleaning and the gardens need tending, never at a stand still for long

My sunset beach walks will continue as the Ocean tide rolls in each day and each night.

In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!



April Showers…

Will bring May Flowers! I am hoping the Northeast is seeing beautiful blue skies and some greenery!!!

 April is here for you to rejoice in all new life of all things growing

Flowers blooming, trees and lovely leaves, birds singing, start your gardens for all is full of life

Smile on your faces as you watch all things new appear once again-Spring is here

Close out the month of March it was something else…CLW…2015

Marching on…

February is a memory now looking forward to March as time marches on

Hoping that for many Spring is near; the winter was hard enough up North this year, still you’ll march on

Spring Flowers will pop up from the ground and changes the mood for most who are still marching along

Look forward not behind a new month has begun, remember to just continue to March on


As far as I can Sea…

I look out from my windows and all I can see are the raindrops now falling vigorously

I can hear the raindrops on my window panes as the wind stirs from “my ocean” it has no real affect on me

Nearby the tides are rolling far and wide as the Sea is choppy and roaring on by; it is high tide and tomorrow we will see

I’ll just bet the sun will shine way out at Sea; I’ll be waiting and watching as it transforms right in front of me…CLW 2014

Just for YOU!

It is the day to be most Thankful for all the blessings bestow to each of us

Let us remember those who are not here on “earth” with us on this special day

As we will soon celebrate our blessings, our tummies filled, our hearts feeling the love and joy

The plates will be emptied and we will be grateful for each person in our life

Relax in his Glory and Grace it is here now for us to enjoy.

Best wishes to each of YOU on this Thanksgiving Day……….CLW – 2014

September’s gone…

September is now a memory to me where does time go it appears to be floating way far from me

A new month of October has started you see I can only wonder what is in store for me

Slowly time passes it once was said I will have to disagree; because it whips by like “My Ocean” tides, swift and too quickly I have come to decide

Looking forward in what yet will be just taking my time wondering about what October might bring…CLW 2014


As I sit on the soft sand dune looking out to Sea, it’s magical mystery is a wonder to me

The endlessness of the rolling tides each day make me think and ponder just what lies on the other side

Are there dolphins, whales, fish, and sharks all riding together on the expanse of the open Sea

I watch closely as the oceans’ crest nears; each wave is so different as it rolls inward towards me

Way out far beyond what I can see “MY OCEAN” will always be nearest too me…CLW…2014