Citrus Frozen Fruit Pops

I made a huge batch of popsicles and every single one is gone! The are so refreshing in the hot months. I made lemon-lime-orange, cherry and pineapple.

They are so inexpensive and easy to make. The molds are ones my mom used years ago and I bought the wooden popsicle sticks and just let them freeze overnight. Tart, sweet and delicious!

Give them a try you’ll love them too.


10 thoughts on “Citrus Frozen Fruit Pops

  1. Aren’t popsicles the best in the summer and your flavors sound delicious and what a great healthful snack!

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  2. I can not believe they are already gone-4 dozen Suzanne???


  3. Yummy. Perfect summer treat.

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  4. I’ve been making popsicles this summer too! Have you found that the more watery fruits result in icy popsicles? That is their only downfall.


  5. I freeze lite lemonade all the time…even use them as ice in my water….yum…

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