A Very Special “Guest Post” for YOU!

We will be on a trip and I decided to share again with all new followers some guest posts which were done last year for me. Some of you may have missed these posts and I sincerely hope you enjoy each one-there will be a total of four (4). Enjoy!

 I have had the good fortune to ask a few special blogging friends to Guest Post for me. It gives you a chance to meet some new bloggers and very wonderful people in my book. They are Friends, fellow foodies and I love each of them to bits!

Up today is a wonderful talented Woman from an Affluent community in Brooklyn, New York. She is a Realtor Associate, has a strong bond and love of her community. Talented cook and writer for Food 52 NYC. She loves Pugs and recently lost two senior Pugs very close in time. With her heart broken she carried on her daily life including Hosting AirBNB guests. Not only has she opened her heart and home to others, she is one of the most caring, compassionate people I know. It is an honor to know her and call her my friend. Recently, she adopted another senior Pug named Mr. “Percy” who has adapted well, as she is an experienced Pug owner and lover. He is a bit pampered but she feels in his senior years he deserves it. He wears bow ties, and caps and loves to walk around their lovely community. I dedicate this post to Izzy and Nando (her beloved departed Pugs)!

Please make welcome Suzanne. http://www.apuginthekitchen.com. Just click this link to her June 3rd post, 2016 Archive (June 2016-scroll to June 3rd!) and while there check out her other recipes too!  You’ll be glad you did!


Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!


26 thoughts on “A Very Special “Guest Post” for YOU!

  1. It is my pleasure and honor to guest post on your blog Cheryl. Thank you for the opportunity and for the very kind words. You are one of my best friends that I have never met physically but I feel like we have met. Have a fabulous wonderful vacation and can’t wait to hear about it. Hope your readers enjoy the cake.

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  2. What a great choice Cheryl. Suzanne is wonderful — and her ice cream cake looks divine. Have a wonderful vacation. No need to reply, just enjoy. Hugs

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  3. It’s great to meet you Cheryl. Through Suzanne I have met many interesting bloggers and I adore her blog and her gracious and giving personality . Have a great vacation!

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  4. How lovely, Suzanne is such a lovely lady xx

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  5. Suzanne is just fabulous and so are you CCC! I hope you are enjoying your vacation! xoxoxo

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  6. Have a great trip, Cheryl!! Suzanne’s cake looks delicious!

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  7. Perfect choice for “Guest Post!” Suzanne is such a talent- we are lucky to learn from her. Have a wonderful vacation, Cheryl! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures… what you saw, did, and most importantly-what you ate…!!! 😊

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  8. Have a great time Cheryl! Love Suzanne’s blog!

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