Shrimp Boil to the Mountains!

New Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and tons of Shrimp made its way to the Mountains! Woo-Hoo. Who says you can’t have Seafood while relaxing among the trees? We used the large campfire pit and a huge pot hanging over the roaring fire and had a blast last night cooking this!

I recommend it, you’ll be happy you did!

We did roast marshmallows too!

Hope your Saturday is a great one!

8 thoughts on “Shrimp Boil to the Mountains!

  1. What fun! Shrimp boils are great, no matter where you have them! xoxo

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  2. WOW! That’s how to celebrate Earth Day! πŸŒΏπŸŒ±πŸƒ

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  3. Would love a shrimp boil in the mountains, sounds perfect and looks delicious.

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