Cupcake Easter Treats



Easter is not that far off and I love making different treats for the family! I made these several years ago and wanted to share them with you. I usually use any cake mix, chocolate or white or even yellow cake mix. Follow directions for 36 cupcakes using liners.

You’ll need a bag of small jelly beans, coconut flakes colored with green gel (for the grass). I just make a vanilla buttercream frosting.

The handles are thin red licorice, and the cupcakes are topped with jelly beans.

Its just one of several treats I make for Easter!

Hope you enjoy!


15 thoughts on “Cupcake Easter Treats

  1. Those cupcakes are beautiful. This morning I was thinking about what to make for my Easter post, it’s all about cake. Happy Thursday!!

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  2. Beautiful cupcakes, Cheryl. Maybe I should make some for when my grandchildren visit at Easter. 🙂 xx

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  3. reminds me of childhood…..LOL

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  4. So cute! I’m DYING to make these!

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