Toasted Hot Italian Sausage ‘n Pepper Sandwich

We love Hot Italian Sausage and these sandwiches are a huge hit in my household. Thoroughly brown the Hot Italian Sausage links once cooked cut into 2″ pieces. In a saute pan add two tablespoons olive oil, brown one bell pepper (sliced) and one white onion (sliced) until tender, add tomato sauce and return sausage pieces. Cook 6-8 minutes.

I like to add butter on top of the Italian bread and toast lightly, cut loaves in thirds. Cut each third in half and add hot Italian sausage and peppers!




Some days walking the beach we find all sort of seashells. This is my latest find! I gather them up in a pail, bring them home, rinse them off with diluted bleach water, then they dry and are used in craft projects.

At the northern most end of this barrier island (next to the jetty) is where I find them. 

In all of our very busy lives one needs a hobby or two!

What’s your hobbies?