Scratch It!!!


I started Tyler with scratch pads (several) at a young age. Today, he uses them all the time. I will occasional add some catnip for him (he loves that). He is about 6 months old here (this is an old pic from an old cell phone). I always had a room set-up exclusively for him, his toys, blankets, etc. To me declawing a cat is cruel as it is a painful process and if by chance he were to ever get outside of the home he could not defend himself. So, scratch pads are the easy, economical answer to his need to sharpen his nails and save my home from destruction (including furniture). He has never damaged a thing! He is a very good boy kitty and I love him dearly.


Beautiful Day today!!! Hope your day was happy!

Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!



11 thoughts on “Scratch It!!!

  1. Tyler is soooo cute! Love kitties. What a good boy using his scratch pads too. My three cats love their scratching posts and catnip too :-). Love the new website look Cheryl!! Looks fantastic. xoxo

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  2. So busy at work this week will try to catch up tonight! Hi Ty!

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  3. I think they are better off with their claws too ♥

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  4. I have always had scratch pads for mine from day one. I have never heard of de-clawing, that really sounds so cruel !!! Have a lovely day. 🙂

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