Baked Black Pepper & Sour Cream Chicken


Supper Tonight!

I brought along two frozen chicken fryers, thawed them, cut them up and marinated them in sour cream and black pepper in the refrigerator for one hour. I coated them well with seasoned bread crumbs, place on two rimmed non stick sheet pans at 425 F with a tent foil (turned them after 20 minutes of bake time) and baked forĀ  20 more minutes until golden brown. Oh Yum!

Having a relaxing time while Hurricane Matthew slams our coast in Florida!

See You tomorrow!



We had an early supper and the gang are on a hayride with their Grandpa and Dad; their mission is to get some pumpkins to paint faces on. lol

Out from hiding…


So I came out from under the bed this morning-MoM said I needed to because we were going to be here for awhile! I have my favorite blanket and toys! I am a silly boy MoM says! BAHAHAHAHA…

Hope you have a great weekend!

Love, Tyler