Play Time!


MoM caught me playing with my ball! I like to switch off with my toys. I have a lot of them you know. I hope you have a good weekend. MoM and DaD are on their boat in the middle of the Intracoastal waterway this weekend. My Uncle Danny is tending me…See YOU! Love, Tyler xo

PS Oh yea remember to enter MoM’s GIVEAWAY!!!

8 thoughts on “Play Time!

  1. Good morning, hit the ground running today is our block party. Have a great day and Tyler you are too cute😍😀

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  2. Tyler, your expression is just too adorable. Nice that you love all your toys. Hope you have a lovely weekend, even though mom and dad wont be there. Be good to your uncle cute boy, not too much mischief ❤ xxx

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  3. Mom’s giveaway is so cool! Don’t get into trouble while mom is away xx

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