Can You come out to play?!

WIN_20160825_15_20_31_Pro (2)

Hi want to play some?


WIN_20160825_15_19_31_Pro (3)

Yes-I see YOU!


WIN_20160825_15_19_39_Pro (2)

Hugs and kisses!!! Until I decide to stomp on you with my back paws-later…I am tired now…

see YOU all. Love, Tyler xo

Good Morning WP!

WIN_20160823_17_12_26_Pro (2)

I think we’ll be having some rain due in over the weekend-a storm is brewing way out in the Atlantic. We could definitely use some rain here. It has been too dry and so hot, hot, hot. Not me though-let it rain; I am dry and cool and comfy, Mom makes sure of it!!!

I will keep you posted on our Florida weather though, ok?! No need to worry this house is rock solid-lol.

Love, Tyler xo