Feeling Groovy!!! – HI TEAGAN!!!!! xxoo


This post is dedicated to my friend Teagan! I am so comfy it is ridiculous! Love-Tyler xo



13 thoughts on “Feeling Groovy!!! – HI TEAGAN!!!!! xxoo

  1. How sweet you gave a shout out to Teagan and yes look at Tyler that is one comfy spoiled kitty for sure. Just the way it should be💕😘

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  2. Teagan is awesome and so are you for shouting out to her! xoxoxo!

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  3. Nice, Cuz. And Tyler definitely looks comfy and so sweet. Love it.

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  4. So cute, adorable and just so loveable 🙂

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  5. How embarrassing — I’m late for my own party! Thank you kindly for the shout out, Cheryl. I admit it’s been a rough week (okay year).
    Tyler looks like one content kittycat! 🐱 Sending him chin rubs.
    Crystal is scratching the heck out of her ear (only the outside) so my day began at 2 AM. I still haven’t caught her to put medicine on it… but that’s always the case with her and any medicine. (She has hardly any hair on her ears, and they are very thin, due to her medicine for inflammatory bowel disease. And I’m afraid she’ll tear through her little ear, scratching so hard. The other time I found a tiny bite, so I suspect that again. I only gave her the flea stuff the other day…)
    Anyhow thank you from my heart for thinking of me.
    Happy Caturday and mega hugs!

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