The Cat and The Mouse…

I walked into the master bedroom and found Tyler on the bed playing cat and mouse. At age almost 5 he is as playful as a kitten. I laughed so hard at him and his aggression in playing with his toy mouse. I almost could not get the cell phone camera fast enough to share these. Enjoy!

I found you!!!

WIN_20160731_21_58_16_Pro (2)

Holding his prey-captive!!!

WIN_20160731_21_58_46_Pro (3)


WIN_20160731_21_58_30_Pro (2)

Rock-on T- Rock On!!!

I love this kitty! Cheryl xo

See YOU!

48 thoughts on “The Cat and The Mouse…

  1. Tyler is just too cute! Love watching cats play they are do much fun.

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  2. Tyler is just a yougin’! 😘

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