“Ease The Pain”

I have been placed along this journey of life with an incredible sense for others; their trials, their victories, their defeats

A thousand people can be around you and it is an inner struggle to accept, sort out, and go on, so it is a solo journey until we each reach the end

What has our impact had on others, have we made a difference? Can we continue to make a difference?

Ease the pain…Lift the burdens, Ease the pain…Life struggles are endless, Ease the pain…With no guarantees, Ease the pain…No tears, No fears…Ease the pain…CLW/2016


This post is dedicated to a brave 40 year old Country singer – Joey Martin-Feek wife of Rory Lee Feek his blog: http://www.thislifeilive.com to read her courageous story. RIP-Joey -3-4-16. Laid to rest on Tuesday, March 8, 2016-Maury County, Tennessee (their Farm). Sunday, March 13, 2016 Memorial-Celebration for Joey in her home town Alexandria, Indiana.


Although not a fan of this Duo (musically), I can empathize with the situation…struggles, and their undisputed dedication and unconditional love!


14 thoughts on ““Ease The Pain”

  1. OH no, he did end up passing. So sorry to hear. And look, I am all caught up but admit I did some speed reading. I do hope I make a difference in some people’s lives, no matter how small. Even if it’s a small word of encouragement. xoxoxo to you ccc!

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  2. Kentucky Angel

    I love her so much. Reblogged this a few days ago from another source. Good show Cuz. I still sob when I listen to her music.

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