“Name That Tune” Sundays

Music we all love it! The oldies all genres are my favorites- 70’s,80’s,90’s! Get on those thinking caps today for this lyrical challenge.

Ready, Set, GO!

He said I’ll love you ’til I die…Who sang it?

(a) Merle Haggard

(b) Waylon Jennings

(c) Johnny Cash

(d) George Jones*

In closing this beautiful Sunday I wish you Good Health. Let me know who sang it?

Answer is D-also known as The Possum and in his latter years No Show George. Song Title is: He stopped loving her today from his 1980 Album “I am what I am”. He is well known for his turbulent marriage to Tammy Wynette. Unfortunately, George admittedly had a huge alcohol problem. In late 1980 he married for the final time and tried to get sober. He died in April 2013 at age 81. Remarkable for someone of his talent in the Country Music Scene for 50 years.

See YOU!

16 thoughts on ““Name That Tune” Sundays

  1. Having never really listened to country music I haven’t a clue. Can’t wait to see the answer.


  2. Yes I haven’t listened to country as much! fun!

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  3. I was lucky, Gatorette. I went to see George a couple times, and he showed up! Great voice, still, too. Good song choice this week, my friend.

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  4. George did it … had fun looking up the writer of the song …
    in the 80’s hug out in the sports bars… no music allowed …
    ME … had a great day on the beach at Sand Key / Clearwater … calm & cool …

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