“Name That Tune” – Sundays

Loving all types of music especially from the 70’s, 80’s 90’s the oldies are just wonderful classics. Great talented singer-songwriters, musicians and good time listening to all types of genres. For today’s lyrical challenge get on those thinking caps.

Ready, Set, GO!

were you in the yard with your wife and your children or working some stage in L.A….

Who sang it?

(a) Vince Gill

(b) Garth Brooks

(c) Tim McGraw

(d) Alan Jackson*

Let me know your answer this beautiful Sunday! In closing I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!.

The winner of today’s lyrical challenge is my friend Debbie Spivey@themountainkitchen.com. Not only does Debbie and her husband David live in the Commonwealth of Virginia (Blue Ridge) Mountains, she loves to cook, go to her web and check it out! Congrats Debbie!!! Song-Where were you (when the world stopped turning) that September Morn was released on November 1st, 2001. As Alan Jackson struggled penning this song, he is the only singer-songwriter in any Genre to do so. As we will celebrate Labor Day tomorrow I could not find a more appropriate song, to challenge you with, it being so close to 9-11 anniversary. All those lives lost that day were going to work, at work, doing their business as usual. That song took ACM’s and CMA’s awards in 2002 (Song of the Year, Single of the Year) and he also received a Grammy. A shout-out to my friend Mark Bialczak.com in Syracuse, NY who also knew the answer-Go Country Man! See YOU next week for “Name That Tune”-Sundays.


13 thoughts on ““Name That Tune” – Sundays

  1. have a great day Cheryl! I will guess, B?

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  2. Cheated, as usual, Alan Jackson …
    Never heard this song before…not a pleasant memory …
    Makes me wonder why we are negotiating with
    countries that shout death to America every morning
    during their required prayers…
    Kind of hard to celebrate Labor Day
    when all of the jobs are now overseas.
    Love, hugs and enjoy the holiday weekend …ME

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  3. Oh, Alan Jackson, and I’m sad thinking about 9/11 and how the world stopped turning, Gatorette. Happy Labor Day Weekend, my friend.

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  4. Hadn’t a clue good job Debbie.


  5. I must have not stayed connected well to have missed such a serious concern, Cheryl. Sorry about the heat and so happy it ended up you know how to handle everything. 🙂

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