The Beau Monde Boutique

Fiction novelette-continuation-Enjoy! Cheryl
I’ll post again to YOU later today!

The Beau Monde Boutique

Michael is the eldest child (32) to a Pharmacist/Pharmacy owner and his wife, he has one sister named Kelli  (28) who is married to an engineer and they have one child, a daughter named Megan, age five. Michael works as a regional sales director for a large pharmaceutical company. Sometimes, his work takes him out of town a few days a month.

Michael opened the car door for Victoria to exit, he grabbed her hand to hold it, Victoria did not resist. They were promptly seated by one of the owners of the Inn. It appeared to Victoria that Michael had pre-arranged this in advance. they were seated at a lovely table over-looking the creek and gardens. they each placed their orders and Victoria asked Michael what was on his mind? Without hesitation Michael had told her he loved her and that he had missed her terribly. they were interrupted by the…

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