summertime in Greece

Absolutely gorgeous! If you ever have an opportunity to visit Greece do so you’ll never regret it!


alindar - summer in Greece

Sheer beauty!
Greek summer is heaven on earth!
The sight of the sea and the sound of the waves!
The immensity of nature!

alindar - beach in Greece
As long as I can remember myself, I would get lost in the endless blue.
I would get inspired.
Ideas for the upcoming year, plans for the future, dreams for travel, along with the desire and eagerness to realize them.

It’s still the same. Pure inspiration. Even on a windy day.

alindar - windy day

alindar - beach

Today the sea is calm. There is just a light breeze.
Paradisiacal waters. Their colors changing from emerald green to turquoise and numerous other shades of blue.
The sound of the water relaxes my entire being; the waves lightly breaking on the shore.
The smell of sea water, mixed with coconut sun lotion and a distant scent of watermelon.
The taste of salty water.
The hot sun caressing me.
Pleasure to all five senses.


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3 thoughts on “summertime in Greece

  1. Greece is on my bucket list! I especially want to visit Santorini. What part of Greece is your family from?

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  2. Hi Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser!
    I’m glad you liked my article “summertime in Greece”!
    Let the whole world see that Greece is a lovely place and not the horror that the media are making it to be!
    Thanks for reblogging!

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