“Name That Tune”? Sunday’s

Who doesn’t love music? All types of music? As most of you know I love the oldies 70’s, 80’s, 90’s almost all genres of music for the most part. Testing ones lyrical abilities can be a bit of a challenge (mine too) but it is so much FUN!

Get on your thinking cap now. Ready, Set, GO! 

 It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth, the minor fall, the major lift…Who sang it originally?

(a) John Mayer

(b) Leonard Cohen*

(c) Bon Jovi

(d) Jeff Buckley

 Let me know! In closing this glorious Sunday I wish you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

See YOU!

It seems we have a correct answer! (b) Leonard Cohen from his song “Hallelujah” correct answer given by a big fan of Leonard Cohen-Tasty Eats Ronit Penso everyone head over to her blog for some delicious recipes! Great job Ronit! See everyone next Sunday for “Name that Tune”-who sang it!


4 thoughts on ““Name That Tune”? Sunday’s

  1. That’s easy for any Leonard Cohen fan – Hallelujah! 🙂

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  2. I wish that I had gotten here sooner, but I do recognize the Leonard Cohen song and I like his gravelly ‘whiskey’ sounding voice. Smiles to you and take care, Cheryl

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