Marching on…

February is a memory now looking forward to March as time marches on

Hoping that for many Spring is near; the winter was hard enough up North this year, still you’ll march on

Spring Flowers will pop up from the ground and changes the mood for most who are still marching along

Look forward not behind a new month has begun, remember to just continue to March on


6 thoughts on “Marching on…

  1. It has been cold in Michigan but once again we have missed the storms – they were just south of us. My sister (in FL) said it was 75 after I told her it got up into the high 20’s 🙂

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  2. Hi, Cheryl. I know spring is coming and just try to patiently deal with what we’ve got right now, which is lots of snow! Our snow blower broke, so we had to shovel the driveway by hand today. That’s one way to get a workout! Have a great week.

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  3. I love spring! The flowers, the weather, I love it all 🙂

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    • How is the garden Sarah? Growing well, I hope. You are in a warmer climate as I am. These friends in the NE/Mid Atlantic States are getting some terrible winter weather. It does make us appreciate fairer weather and our gardens still thriving! I could not bare to see no foliage and no flowers blooming, it would be dreary too me, how about for you?


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