Just call me the “baggies” lady!

The inside and outside gardens are taken care of. I clipped fresh oregano, parsley, basil. I usually will bring them in to the kitchen rinsed them well and then place them on paper towels to dry, wrap them up and place in my gazillion “baggies”, quart size zip-lock, gallon size zip-lock; boxes of them. Thus, the name “baggies” lady. Even if the stuff won’t fit it is going in a zip lock bag!!! Then in the refrigerator. Yes, that’s the way it is. Then I needed a swim for sure. I skimmed the pool with the net, ran filters adjusted PH levels, then I saw the 100 pounds of sand at the bottom of the pool. Vacuuming the pool is NOT my favorite chore, none the less it has to be done especially after the Labor Day weekend swimming, plus I add more fresh water. The children and their cannon ball runs empty a lot of water. To be expected. Phew, mother came by early to help me strip the beds and remake them. The washing machine is going non stop since 7:00 am and the dryer is humming along. In the walk-in linen closet I hear Mom mumbling? Whaaaaaaat she rarely does that?! She picked out some new sheets to put on the beds. What she was mumbling about was finding the matching pillow cases. I was laughing so hard I could not speak. I was almost drooling laughing at her! Finally, I regained some composure and told her I wanted to use these specific ones to brighten up the room. Oh, she said fine let’s do that. As if nothing at all was wrong. Marching along to the next bed! Lunch is next on the agenda. I hope you all have recovered from your holiday weekend! In closing, I wish you “Good Health” Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

STAND By ME……………….

When the night has come and land is dark and moon is the only light I see, No, I won’t be afraid, Oh, I won’t be afraid just as long as you Stand, Stand By Me.

If the sky that we look upon should tumble and fall all the mountains should crumble to the sea, No I won’t shed a tear, just as long as you Stand, Stand By Me.
(short Lyrics by: Ben E King)

Labor Day Weekend 2014. What a great, safe holiday it has been! I and my family; as our friends and families were set to leave and watching we could only Stand by and wave. Some, I will not see for another year, some, I will see sooner. This has created a greater depth of memories for me. The last quarter of the year approaching quickly to yet more company and fun, I know I am truly blessed.

Hoping your holiday weekend was safe and happy! In closing, I wish you “Good Health” Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

I NEVER Promised you a “ROSE GARDEN”!!!

Greetings to everyone! Things are moving right along this morning, cooking, baking. The house smells like Roses. Naturally, mother went over-board (and I do not mean in the pool) the Roses are everywhere! Lovely arrangements in the bedrooms that my BFF and family will stay in of course that was the purpose. They’re in my formal dining room, living room, master bedroom?!!! After Mom left I move the Master Bedroom ones to the Great Room (off kitchen area) they do brighten the house up! I tended my herbs and houseplants (it’s a jungle!!!). My mother has a huge Rose Garden and has had one for as long as I can remember. She can grow anything. She loves Orchids too. She clips, feeds, waters them like they are her extended family. For a woman 60 (she’ll be 61 in a few short months) she can give anyone a run for their money! She is very active, loves to annoy my Dad, loves joking around and basically is an absolute joy to be around. AND when I grow-up I want to be just like her!!!! HeHe. The coconut finally dropped sometime overnight. I picked a few oranges, lemons, limes. The tomatoes are still ripening. Tonight’s menu is SEAFOOD and a lot of it! Everyone loves King Crab Legs, Lobster, Shrimp and Sea Scallops. It’s going to be a Feast I tell you! Both sets of Folks will be here too. Did I tell you how excited I am to have my BFF with me for a few weeks?! In closing, I wish you “Good Health”. Cheryl “cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

My BFF is coming to visit!

Great, wonderful, spectacular, I am so excited. We have not seen each other in 1 whole year. They normally come over the Labor Day Weekend (they will be here for that also) and join in our super big pool/beach family/friends party. This time I can spend more time with them! They will be arriving tomorrow evening. They now live in North Carolina which may as well be across country as far as I am concerned?! HeHe. We have been friends since 4th grade. A longggggg time. I am menu planning and the like as you can well imagine I would be. The extra bedrooms/bathrooms are all prepared. Mom is bringing over some roses from her extensive rose garden. One day I will write more on her love for roses especially. Hers’ are so fragrant and beautiful. Must be where I get my green thumb from? She sounded a bit stressed on the phone; I will make sure she relaxes and has a great time! I am off to the grocery store and Seafood Market, Butcher/Meat Market to restock everything (or as much as I can do this afternoon). I will be real certain to have a nice supper ready for them when they arrive! Happy Day Everyone. I will close wishing you “Good Health”. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.

The “Serenity” of a quiet night!

For the most part my evenings are peaceful and calm especially when everyone is safely tucked in bed! I often reflect on the day just sitting on my veranda listening to “my ocean”. We had a small amount of rain (not much) earlier in the evening so that brought in a slight ocean seabreeze. My mother will tell you as a child I would not want the day to end and would fight sleep; funny I still do that to this day. I average 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I am always busy and one day I know I will slow down during the day?! Well, may be I will. I adore my private quiet time and can not imagine not having that in my life. My mind wanders from time to time on basically everything you can imagine. Do you do that? It is a sort of meditation if you will. Then I jump back to what has to get done! What I am cooking for the “gang”?! Never at a loss for that important part of my life. It is a joy really, many people do not enjoy cooking they only do it out of necessity I suppose. People ask me where my inspiration comes from? When I look around I know where it comes from that’s easy. I wrote 28 pages (on flash drive) tonight on my novel; another great joy of mine. No pressure with that it will get done when it gets done! Other then cooking what are some things you enjoy doing? Working? Shopping? Cleaning? Writing, Crafting I could go on and on. A good friend of mine says sleeping!!! I have to laugh at her she is very serious about that. Another day in what I call “paradise”. I will post and tell you what’s up in the cooking arena! In closing I wish you “Good Health” Cheryl Cheffie Cooks Wiser.

Anguish-Loneliness-Depression “Come out from the darkness”. Tribute to “Robin Williams”

I was as most profoundly saddened by the news of Robin Williams death. How the darkness overcame him. His obvious life struggles with depression, alcoholism, drugs. What a talent he truly was. So many great human beings we have lost to this illness. If you know anyone suffering; find them help. Do not turn yourself away that is the easy thing to do. There has to be a darkness so deep within oneself?! I am blessed to not suffer these issues and I hope his Family and friends, find some solace. I wish you as always “Good Health” Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.


In the Florida heat you can never have enough non-alcoholic beverages! Why, you might ask? Hydration!!! The children and elderly are most apt to dehydration in the extreme heat and humidity. I have created so many non-alcoholic beverages posted on Tasty Kitchen.com for your perusal; from Coolers, Fizzlers, Different Sweet Teas, Smoothies. Every day in my household there are fresh beverages always available, cold and in the refrigerator. In fact you will rarely see me without a bottle (16.9 ounce) of cold purified water in my hand. The family says no, I am not thirsty. I say really…drink this anyway! As a young child growing up here in Florida, it took only one time of dehydration for me to learn how utterly quick it can happen. Wherever you live in the summertime, I encourage you to drink plenty of fluids. In fact in general, I encourage you to drink H2O (water) every chance you get! One of the family members expects Iced Cinnamon Sweet Tea (Posted on TK) every day in the Refrigerator. Oh sure I accommodate what else am I here for? HeHe.

The oceans’ surf is not too strong today as the high tide rolls in. My company just left to return to their home and I am sitting on my Lanai posting to you!

I will close wishing you Good Health. Cheryl “Cheffie Cooks” Wiser.